MTCI places a high value on our community and in giving back. One of our top priorities as an organization is partnering with Adopt-A-Class (AAC), a local non-profit mentoring program designed to facilitate personal, sustained connections between members of the business community and students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through 8th grades. AAC helps establish mentoring relationships with the purpose of providing positive role models and developing practical and social skills for the students as well as building the culture of philanthropy and teamwork for the business. MTCI has partnered with AAC since 2011 and we have had tremendous enjoyment and impact with this partnership.

The desire to give back is not one of just the company but of our employees as well. MTCI employees can be found around the area and around the world serving those in need. Frequently requests are made for food or clothing donations for the charitable organizations our staff works with. Bag-loads of donations from co-workers were sent with employees on mission trips taken to Mexico, Peru, & Appalachia the past few years alone. Running races, riding bikes, and even the challenge of the Tough Mudder is taken on by our teams to raise needed finances as well as awareness of organizations we support. Girl Scout cookies, Boy Scout popcorn and various care packages are purchased and sent overseas for military troops through projects that employees’ children participate in that MTCI supports. Our individual and team commitment to “pay it forward” is encouraged and nurtured throughout the organization.