MTCI Again Recognized at Digium Pinnacle Partner

For the 6th year in a row, MTCI was recognized as a Digium Pinnacle Partner. The Pinnacle Partner awards are presented annually to Digium’s leading partners who have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with Digium. These outstanding partners consistently put their customers first, while successfully growing revenues with the implementation and delivery of  Digium’s Switchvox Business Communications Solutions, Switchvox Cloud (hosted services), and Asterisk Custom Communications Solutions. Partners are certified to sell Switchvox Unified Communications (UC) on-premise and cloud services, SIP trunking, IP desktop phones, gateways, and telephony cards.

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Internet of Things and VoIP Integration

Welcome to Part II of a multi part blog series on the Internet of Things (IoT)!

The internet of things is here to stay. Convergence of ordinary objects with internet protocol technology all but ensures this fabric of connectivity will be a future fixture of everyday life.


One other technology that has made itself ubiquitous in the telecom industry is voice over internet protocol (VoIP). In the late 90’s, a shift began. Bulky, expensive, difficult to manage phone systems began to slowly be replaced by VoIP technology. Businesses could take advantage of VoIP to grow more cost effectively. System management became simpler, no longer necessarily requiring a phone-specific administrator. The convergence also allowed for a simplified, single network.


As IoT grows, the following question is becoming more common: How do these two technologies integrate and what does it mean for business?


Today, unified VoIP communications allows users a vast array of functionality. Mobile convergence, calendar integration, and voicemail to e-mail are all common features today. What additional functions might be possible with IoT? Imagine the following scenarios:

·         A user is running late for work. His / her connected car alerts the VoIP phone system that a conference call scheduled on the embedded bridge will need to be pushed back to account for the delay. An updated invite is sent out to participants.

·         An outbound sales rep is paid on the number of outbound calls made per week. The VoIP system totals the number of calls per week and sends the reports to the company accounting software, ensuring the rep is paid for the correct number of calls.

·         A refrigerator takes an inventory of all its current items. The connected appliance then sends a list to a shopper’s phone informing him or her what exactly is needed from the grocery store.


In reality, these features are likely a decade away from real world deployment. IoT systems were in place as early as 1982, but the underlying infrastructure could net yet support it. As IoT technology develops, a clearer picture will evolve of how phone systems will integrate. End user requirements will ultimately drive the functionality piece of the puzzle. 

Internet of Things

Welcome to Part I of a multi part blog series on the Internet of Things (IoT)!

As a basic theory, the IoT is the concept that many everyday items will be integrated with network connectivity and will be able to speak with one another to exchange data. This is known as Machine to Machine (M2M) communication. The IoT extends to many items you may not have considered, beyond just computers and smart phones. In today’s market, household appliances like washers, dryers, toasters and refrigerators are all capable of M2M communications. There are hundreds of new startups that are focusing on taking traditionally “dumb” technologies and making them “smart” by integrating them into the rapidly growing IoT.

So, why is the IoT important? In a word, efficiency. At its core, the goal of the IoT is to produce efficiencies that will aid individuals, businesses and eventually entire communities. These efficiencies will be created by the sharing of data across a network of smart devices which learn from the user’s tendencies and habits. In the home environment, the IoT can function to improve your morning routine by triggering a coffee maker to brew when an alarm clock goes off. This is one example of how the IoT will be able to save some time and make life a bit simpler. However, the real value of the IoT is in the efficiencies that arise in the business environment. Everyone has heard the saying “Time is money.” The average employee spends a sizable amount of time out of each work day completing tasks that do not add to the bottom line of the organization. According to a recent study, employees using wearable tech and engaging with smart objects are 8.5% more productive throughout the workday and 3.5% happier!

In the coming weeks, check back for articles explaining how the IoT is revolutionizing the Telecommunications industry and how MTCI can help your business become more efficient by integrating smart technologies. 

Digium Launches New IP Phones

MTCI is pleased to announce the launch of the new Digium D6x IP phones. As successors to the popular Digium D4x line, the Digium D6x phones are redesigned from the ground up. The all-new design features a slimmer phone with a modern aesthetic. All D6x phones now feature a color screen with color cues to make navigating menus easier than ever.

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Operations Manager Jennifer Dull Celebrates 20 Years

MTCI would like to congratulate Jennifer Dull on her 20th anniversary with the company. With the organization since 1996, Jennifer was one of the first MTCI employees. Heading the Customer Care department, Jennifer ensures that MTCI clients are taken care of 24/7/365. She displays a strong commitment not only to MTCI customers, but to her co-workers as well. She brings a positive attitude to the office every single day. Thank you for all that you do, Jennifer!

Improve Your Company's Customer Experience with Switchvox 6.2

One of the most important goals of any company is to provide an exceptional customer experience.  How a customer interacts with company employees and systems can make or break sales and has a direct effect on revenue and profit for that organization.  When executed well, a quality customer experience can ensure a lasting relationship with a customer and increase revenue.

With this idea in mind, MTCI is extremely excited to announce Switchvox 6.2, the latest release of our award-winning business phone system.  Switchvox 6.2 focuses on helping your company deliver the best customer experience possible with:

  • New multimedia chat and screen-sharing
  • A new wallboard for contact centers
  • Advanced queue call control
  • Guided Tours that can help you navigate through the setup and new features.


Let’s take a closer look at Switchvox 6.2 and see how these new features work!

Congratulations to MTCI Employee Amanda Cummins

MTCI Employee Amanda Cummins had a big month. Not only did she celebrate her 11 year employment anniversary with MTCI in June, she also completed the Great Cycle Challenge. The Great Cycle Challenge seeks to raise awareness and funds for children with cancer. As part of the challenge, Amanda was required to set a goal for how many miles she would ride in the month. Amanda surpassed her original goal of 500 miles to finish with over 600, averaging over 20 miles per day. Amanda raised over $2000 for her efforts, all of which is going to a great cause.

For her phenomenal efforts, Amanda was surprised in the monthly staff meeting with a trophy. Congrats Amanda!


MTCI Partner PGi Receives Frost & Sullivan's 2016 North American Conferencing Services Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award

MTCI has partnered with PGi for many years to bring innovative conferencing solutions to our customers. PGi is now the proud recipient Frost & Sullivan's 2016 North American Conferencing Services Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award. To view the press release, click the link below:


MTCI Once Again Recognized as Digium Pinnacle Partner

The Pinnacle Partner awards are presented to Digium’s leading partners who have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with Digium and driving customer success for either premises or cloud-based Switchvox business communications solutions or Asterisk custom communications solutions in 2015. Awards are presented to outstanding distributors, resellers, agents (US), and direct marketing partners in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia/New Zealand and Latin America.

We’re committed to the growth of our channel partners, and we are excited for the opportunity to recognize those companies who are dedicated to growing our businesses, together. More than ever, customers are looking for affordable solutions that provide innovative features to help their businesses stand out in a crowd and connect people in ways that they never thought possible.